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Who We Are

We are OOMPH Specialists! We specialize in YOU and growing your business.  Empower Everyday supports business owners and entrepreneurs to turn up their WOW factor with OOMPH ! so you may create more profitability, become the Go To expert among your ideal clients, and take action in your business with greater ease, energy, and excitement.  We understand that you may feel lost in the crowd or held back. You do all this work, have amazing ideas, and have a gift to share with others; however you may feel like nobody notices, or you aren’t attracting the right clients and opportunities. Empower Everyday creates a space for you to have your voice heard, stand out among the crowd, have people take notice of your gifts and message, move past barriers and fear, know your value, create engagement, and bring the OOMPH! out in you.  You don’t need to paddle upstream by yourself.  Empower Everyday is your partner in creating a voice in your head that says “I Got This!”

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What We Do

You put your heart in soul into your business. You work hard and have a deep passion for what you do. You are ready to serve others, yet you feel lost in the crowd, held back, and your energy and excitement drops. What is the point of all your hard work and talent if the right people aren’t taking notice and saying YES! to you?

Using the power of OOMPH, turn up your WOW factor so that your ideal clients want to say to you.

What is OOMPH! How Does it Work?

  • yOu – Connect with your best business partner – YOU!
  • Own – Own who you are completely.
  • Mojo – Create a confident presence and stand out among your ideal clients.
  • Pathway- There is SO much information out there on how to grow your business, but what is right for you?!
  • Honor- Create Gratitude, Abundance, and Success.

Be the business owner and entrepreneur you are meant to be with OOMPH!

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Is it Right For You?

Want to be the Go To expert among your ideal clients? Grow your business with greater ease and excitement? Follow your passion? Align yourself to take new new opportunities and make more money? Ready for a change? OOMPH is more than a catchy tagline, it is a powerful tool in growing your business and engaging with those you wish to serve.  You have to much to offer, yet you struggle with getting your message out to your audience in a powerful way. You work all day in your business, yet you don’t get the results you expect. You have a passion for serving others but are unsure about which decisions or actions are best for YOUR business, YOUR situation, and what YOU want to achieve. You are simply tired of feeling lost in the crowd and held back. If this describes you in any way then Empower Everyday and OOMPH is for you!

Are you ready for a more satisfying and exciting business? To feel confident and self-assured in your business? To bring out your inner OOMPH? Is it time to say YES to you!

Empower Everyday offers:

  • Communicate With OOMPH! Classes
  • Truth and OOMPH online program (coming soon!)
  • VIP Sessions
  • Events and Workshops
  • Motivational Speaking

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Laura taught me easy step-by step guides to follow to reach each of my goals!
Andres, Teacher
I learned about my personality style and got some good tips on working with others, goal setting and carrying myself with confidence. It was educational and fun at the same time! I would definitely go to another event hosted by Laura.
Kate, Dietician
She has helped me with prioritizing aspects of my business so that I can manage myself and business best, along with helping me to continue being my own cheerleader even when things get really scary. If you have a small business, I definitely recommend you get some time in with Laura.
Nicole, Owner of Niculture: Fusion of Art and Yoga
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